The Committe on Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sciences was founded in 1964 by the resolution of the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences, within its Division of Engineering Sciences. The idea of creating the Committee was brought up by Professor Ignacy Malecki, a distinguished scientist, an academic teacher, and an internationally acclaimed authority on acoustics. The Committee has been involved in acoustics understood as a broad interdisciplinary area of science and technology. One of the main areas of the Committee’s interest is physical acoustics dealing with elastic wave phenomena in their whole frequency range, including infrasounds, audible sounds, ultrasounds, and hypersounds. The diversity of elastic waves is a basis for scientific research in other specializations of acoustics such as architectural acoustics, building acoustics, environmental and urban acoustics, psychoacoustics, speech acoustics, biomedical acoustics, electroacoustics, musical acoustics, aeroacoustics, hydroacoustics, molecular and quantum acoustics, ultrasonics, structural acoustics, vibration and noise control. Several of those specializations are represented as the Committee’s sections.