The Committee on Acoustics PAS takes all measures for the development of acoustics and the use of its achievements, in particular:

  1. Initiating research, creation and development of scientific institutions dealing with acoustical problems and protection of environment against noise and vibration hazards and also an evaluation of research programs, as well as the scope of scientific institutions, especially at the request of the supervising governmental institutions and the authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  2. Cooperation with all agencies, including governmental ones, on matters concerning the assessment of the state, the standard and research priorities in the  field of acoustics, especially a protection of environment against vibroacoustic hazards, the application of acoustics achievements in technology and medicine.
  3. Promoting the results of research and scientific works and the introduction  of the research results in the field of acoustics to the social and economic practices, by organizing and initiating the debates and the scientific conferences.
  4. Development of expert opinions and the scientific advising at the request of the Polish Academy of Sciences, government bodies and on its own initiative. Presentation of scientific opinions concerning the acoustics and topics in this area, particularly important for the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.
  5. Assessment and comments on the standard and needs of scientific publishing houses in the field of acoustics, and also conducting publishing activity.
  6. Analysis and evaluation of teaching programs, comments on the scientific personnel education and the pursuit of activities stimulating the scientific life of the country and ensuring the development of young scientists.
  7. Initiating and conducting the international cooperation with the foreign organizations and research centers through National Committees of the PAS. At present it is realized by the National Committee for cooperation with the International Commission for Acoustics and the National Committee for cooperation with the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering  (I-INCE). Members of the Committee on Acoustics, representing the community of Polish acousticians in these organizations, should be selected in consultation with the Polish Acoustical Society.
  8. Opinions on candidates, in the field of acoustics, for corresponding members of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  9. Reporting and reviewing applications for research awards in the field of acoustics.
  10. Distribution of the own scientific awards and distinctions.
  11. Cooperation with the scientific societies in the field of acoustics, i.e., the Polish Acoustical Society, the Polish Phonetic Association, the Polish Ultrasound Society, the Polish Section of the Audio Engineering Society and the Polish Association for Noise Abatement.